SOCCSKSarGen Bloggers Meet @ Coffee Club 101 Gensan

FOR THE first time, bloggers based in South Cotabato (BrVince, Aethen), Sarangani Province (that’s me), and General Santos (Avel, Hecky, and Job with his wife, Leizel) held a meetup to get to know each other and to start something new.

In this pic: Job and his wife, Liezl, Sir Avel, Sir, Hecky,
BrVince, Me, and Aethen.

Sir Avel, who organized the meeting, was first to arrive. I and Aethen arrived next. I felt so awkward at first for two reasons: first, I will be meeting people I have never met before, and second, the place intimidated me. Good thing, Sir Avel was nice. We have already ordered some stuff on the menu when Br. Vince arrived.

There was not much introduction needed because we have known each other online. That’s one good thing about eyeballs of bloggers.

A little later, while we were showing our blogs to each other, Sir Heck, whom we expected to be a literally big man, arrived with a cheery disposition. The Oberio couple came next and we had a good conversation. Future plans and the blogging seminar in Marbel were discussed lightly.

We were all filled with joy excitement and we long for more events of the like in the future.

Owing to the generosity Mr. Mike Wee, owner of Coffee Club 101 in Gensan, we were able to hold the said milestone in SOCCSKSarGen’s blogging history in one of Gensan’s posh places. Coffee Club 101 is the newest addition to the city’s growing number of cool places to hang out.

We had a taste of its coffee specialty and pastry, which Sir Avel describes would make you forget your name. I had Caramel Macchiato, an addictive concoction of espresso, milk, vanilla syrup, and caramel sauce. The coffee shop’s Date Toffee Pudding and Old Fashioned Chocolate Cake are sweet tempresses you can’t resist.

Other than great food, the coffee club also offers free internet service. There are two laptops at the mezzanine for cutomers to use. The ambience exuded by the luxurious interiors, added with the service given by the hospitable baristas, made us feel like we were important.

Coffee Club 101 is located at Grab-a-Crab Restaurant, Laurel St., General Santos City.


No Responses to “SOCCSKSarGen Bloggers Meet @ Coffee Club 101 Gensan”

  1. Meryl Says:

    Wow, cool. it’s nice to meet new friends, esp. kapag bloggers din kasi you have one thing in common already. Hehe. You and Aethen are friends pala talaga. Hehe. 😛

  2. ayel Says:

    Meryl, yeah, it was a very nice experience. it’s only a start for local bloggers here. some plans were grandiose, but we believe we could attain them on the right time.

    btw, aethen and I has been college friends since 2004, I guess. magkasama kami sa pathways to higher education.

  3. Aethen Says:

    I have uploaded our pictures during the meeting at Grab-a-Crab Resto. Here’s the link, yaku:

  4. Schumey Says:

    Nice to know you’ve met my “anak”, Vince.

  5. ayel Says:

    yeah! kinukwento ka nga po niya eh. We’ve met na po even before the meetup at coffee club 101. Sa NDMU rin po kasi xa.

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    […] great pictures he was posting back then. We used to exchange comments and finally, arranged for a meeting at Coffee Club 101– with other bloggers in the area — that brought to life the SoCCSKSarGen Bloggers […]

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